Asteria Creative was a group of artists, musicians, and scientists making art inspired by Space research. The group was active in 2020-2021 in Edinburgh and was composed of Gonzalo Gil, Tamara Rogovic, Ewan Robertson, Linda di Felice, Thomas Cross, Hervé Girardin, James Stephen Wright and Divyanshi Gupta. During my time as part of the group, I participated in two projects:

1. Planet Cramond

Planet Cramond was a self-guided tour with AR (augmented reality) elements on Cramond Island in winter 2020 in Edinburgh.

Download the map here.

2. Universal Matter

The project explored curiosity and care as drivers for space exploration. Moving away from pessimistic narratives of humanity leaving a broken Earth behind, Universal Matter uses data visualisation to bring to light the interconnectivity between human and non-human realms of experience. The work was displayed at
InSpace at the University of Edinburgh